Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Our Baby's SIXth Close Up - Before it Even Turned 8 Weeks

*stretch* "Goooood morning"

Whatcha mean it's not morning but afternoon and I slept all day since taking dildo pics of LHB?!? I wouldn't have, that's just irresponsible, I only laid here for a second....

So yes, the morning was good, it was great in fact! (Despite, discovering that being in cars stuck in traffic and morning sickness do not mix.)

It was eerie walking the corridors at the IVF clinic, it felt strangely romantic, in that way in which couples keep the hotel where they conceived high on the favourites list.


The only thing spoiling it was this excuse for art they seem to have decided is worthy of their walls and which, quite frankly would have put me off babies had I noticed it before!


Our little bumblet's heart is "about 140" which we'll take! And is he behind and measuring badly and such? Only if you measure it without the yolk sac and even then it's doubtful, the papers we got say "Discharged, viable pregnancy, CRL 12 mm consistent with 7+4/7+5 pregnancy". Pretty cool. We have a consistent pregnancy! Oh how I'll miss seeing him! What am I gonna do with myself till the 21st of June when the Nunchal is?!? Me thinks I may have a surprise bleed overnight in a couple of weeks and I will just have to be seen whether I like it or not!

We asked what becomes of our other free IVF goes and made the midwife's nose wrinkle "Nothing, it's one baby only." - "If something happens can we come back?" - "Yes sure, but nothing will, I've seen many pregnancies, you will give birth to this baby" which was sweet if empirical to high heavens.

As we were exiting we spotted a bunch of the doctors we had dealt with and on an impulse I walked straight to Dr. Slimy, extended my hand and enthusiastically shook his "Thank you very much, you made it" he said I was welcome but looked puzzled, clearly nor remembering us a great deal despite the glimpse of "Oh your balls I removed parts of" glimpse when he saw the Viking so I pointed to the three scan pics I was clutching "Here, you made us this" and he took a brief look and beamed "Oh I did! That's wonderful!"


So we left and walked the corridors all loved up and beaming at each other, clutching our scans and it was all a dream. That is until he was supposed to grab his sodding Coke bottle because I can't hold five things at once and if he's a man he needs to be able to drive and hold a bottle at the same time before complaining, and, let's face it, I don't need to be this close to objects of my desire which I ca't have because he got me pregnant thank you very much!!!

"Geez you're a complete clumps!"
"It wasn't my fault!!!!"
"Oh no, it was Mother sodding Theresa's!!!!"
"You are an ungoodly holder"
"No you know what? You're an ass to call me that when you were just unable to use your opposable thumb!!!"
"ARRRGGGHHH why won't you let it go?!?"
"Because you need to get over yourself and get some perspective in life and see you were fecking wrong and should have taken the bloody thing which I was doing you a service to hold temporarily!!!"
"I'm sorry baby, I shouldn't have upset you"
"Damn right."
"I should have other taken it in time or shut up"
"That's it!"
"Because I should know better than to upset you now that you are hormonal"
"OMG YOU ARE AN ARSE! I AM NOT HORMONAL; YOU ARE AN INEPT USER OF YOUR THUMBS AND HAVE NO GRABBING REFLEX! NO! Don't answer, don't talk to me, just sodding drive us home!"

I mean honestly.


Anonymous said...

When is Rikard going to learn he is wrong, errr I mean in the wrong...heck he is a man he should know this stuff by now! Suck it up man and know when to stop talking lol

The image of the child in a swan rubber ring is just plain weird. I am super glad to hear the Bean is progressing well.

Duena said...

I know, wasn't she?!? Plain scary! Should be having an "Avert eyes, so ugly it can cause miscarriages" sign attached!

Bunty said...

Omg... I have only just seen this post (it wans't delivered to my mail?!).

Wonderful stuff...