Friday, 16 July 2010

Gather 'round all, mammouth pictures to ensue!

So LHB is 4 months today. For some reason it feels like a true milestone. Never said he's "3 months", seemed like a bit of "Gah so the 1st trimester, so who knows" sorta stamps, this one sounds far more respectable and lasting so yoohoo!!!

I haven't updated in a while, I know, I can't shake the no-work-depression so I'm no fun to read but sometimes there are glimmers of hope and giddiness. Like today.

Boy am I huge.... as the song goes "it's getting harder and harder to breath" and to turn! And to move or stand from chairs! This feels unreasonably fast for this type of complaints! My bump also seems unreasonably huge. I know it's fat cushioned but it's now in the "what the heck could I possibly wear to disguise this" realm.

Speaking of boys :) I've been giving this gender business some thought, no less prompted by how excited my wonderful friend 2016 is to find out tomorrow (fingers crossed for your girl discovery, babes!) and for some reason I am not bothered that I am still over 2 weeks away from finding out. A big part of that is that I am feeling so positive this is a boy but part is because over the last two weeks, in front of raised HB, looking huge, the cravings and so on, I have entertained the thought I may be wrong too. It would be no big deal, people may have presumed I wanted a boy when I said that's what LHB is, not so, I didn't want a boy more than a girl, I just knew that's what he is. Now with that all said, I'll be glad to know finally just so that I can start more clearly picturing it.

I was shocked by a friend's generosity the other day, we're none too close, have barely spoken a few times over my years in Sweden and yet she was all excited to hear I'm expecting and when she heard that I didn't think I would have a baby shower because most of my friends don't live here, she offered -in principle- to host it at her house and even said she'd organize a way that my friends from the UK and the States could join online by Skype or YM! That moved me greatly. Then again I cry for nearly everything.

Know what else I do? Wake up at 5. And have M/S all over again only nastier at dinner time, and can't stand the sight of any food, and have hugely vivid dreams! And cramps of all sorts possible, low, high, in the cervix, in the ovaries, in the foofoo you name it.

And last but not least know what I don't? Feel him! Nope.... I can hear him on the Doppler and he very clearly moves about in there but I can't feel it. :( this could have something to do with the fact that at the last u/s (okay maybe I did have one last attempt at getting that Progesterone by going to the hospital and telling them about the cramps!!!) she said the placenta has moved to be anterior?!? She also said not to freak out as it will reposition at least once more when baby goes above my belly button. Sounds all strange but considering I can only hear his HB on my belly button now, it can't be too long from hereon, right?

And now for the hugely shocking me! The first one is in the same series as all the rest of them and the next two are in the most "Goddungit you're like a ball" dress I have, including, as you can see, one that looks like a swallowed an extraterrestrial cocoon.