Friday, 7 May 2010

After a morning of tears with a scan showing nothing but a sac at 5 weeks and 4 days -3 days bellow my 6 weeks- we booked another one because we were frantic!

Following this latest inconclusive scan I shall pronounce myself pregnant as per plan till the next scan -which is on the 17th to this clinic and the 18th at the IVF clinic lol- because this lady thinks she saw a heart beat. So does the Viking, he's been going around going "blip blip" opening and closing his hand to the tune to what he thinks he saw the pixel do on the screen.

It started bad, she said she only sees a sac then she says "Wait a minute, and a yolk or a pole" and then zoomed in and said "oh look there's something moving and flickering, I think it's the way its heart beats!" and then she spent ages trying to see behind it because she thought she saw something so she was hell bent on finding the second embryo and proceeded to warn us about it sometimes being only one while we frantically tried to make her focus on that one :)

She also found 4 huge follicles which she for some reason measured to be 23, 26, 27 and 30 LOL. I am hoping those are empty or else my body is an indiot!

She gave us no date, no HB rate, nothing so for now I will cling to the fact that for a while there was something on that screen.

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Bunty said...

6 weeks is very early honey. I've been at this stage and seen nothing.. only to return a week or so later and been rewarded.

Still, what a stressful and horrid morning. Here's hoping all is plain sailing from hereonin.