Sunday, 9 May 2010

Make me want to throw up!!!

Okay so here's today's issue: Wikipedia says here

"Women who have no morning sickness are more likely to miscarry or to bear children with birth defects."

Now none of those sounds acceptable. So how much is enough MS? I am nauseated but not every day and not to the point that I am positive I'll vomit. It comes and goes in waves, mostly when I first wake up to get my progesterone but it doesn't last and if I fall back asleep, by the time I awake it's gone. If anything the first thing I am is hungry when I wake up.... And even the waves in the morning are no different than the sort of nausea one gets if waking up at an unusually early hour and their blood sugar is very low. Makes sense?

So as compared to the stories of hugging toilettes this is nothing and it's worrying me. I would have thought that I am compensating with a bad tummy since it plays the same role of evacuating bad stuff but I can't find literature to support that.

So I'm calm for now but when do I start worrying? Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't have symptoms, if nothing else my Pam Anderson (.)(.)s and my hundreds of trips to the ladies' are clear enough and I get all the nine yards, the craving and the hunger, the repulsion and the gaging followed by the snatching and devouring, the strong smells, the dizziness, you name it. I am just not sick enough!

And I know there are tens of hundreds of stories of women who never throw up and still make healthy babies but you saw what the almighty Wikipedia had to say!!!

Countdown to freak out initiated!


Moozey said...

when do you start worrying??? You don't, you enjoy the fact you are not chucking your guts up and that you are pregnant, yep wonderfully pregnant.

Now back away from Google and Wikipedia.


Bunty said...

Noooo... stop!!

I don't have the running to the bathroom or bigger (.)(.).. but I DO have the odd waves of nausea. As I told you earlier, they didnt start until much later on than you are now, and as of Friday I was most definitely pregnant.

Every woman and every pregnancy is different, and can also be affected by what drugs you are on. Bry was worried she wasnt feeling anything like sick enough with twins and had the odd wave of nausea.. but is now 30 weeks gone and flourishing!

I really wouldn't worry.