Monday, 31 May 2010

LHB the Snowman!

Presenting our snowman!

Unbelievable how it changed, no more confusing yolk sac in the picture, no blurry pod, a clear head with eyes and ears and tiny arms and legs. It's facing us in this picture and we've been shocked to see how big its heart is (the black bit in between the arms).

How come we saw him again? Well it was a combination of things but if I'm 110% honest and I have to be with you lot, I was freaking out. I was also having cramps, the brown discharge those few times and just a general freak out that something is wrong so yesterday evening we opted for some special entertainment and after dinner we set out for the emergency side of he local hospital's gynecology ward.

I'd expected it to be harder in terms of acting abilities, that they would grill me more and I was dreading having to invent bleeding and pain but it went smoothly, I mumbled some answers about cramps, we were vocal on the truth which was that the midwife vanished on us, no calls returned, no emails answered and within minutes they took my blood and tested my pee. We were lucky, it was mercifully empty and the doctor invited us for a consult within 10 minutes.

She started by saying that she was concerned because my pulse is awfully high but she can't do much about it, the mising midwife needs to recommend me to be checked out -with this idiotic of a system it's hard to feel guilty for fibbing to get some medical attention!- she then checked the cervix -ouch!- and gave me a plevic exam and scared us titless saying "well let me just look first, at this early stage it's traumatic if you're watching if I can't find a heartbeat* but thankfully, seconds later, with relief she turned the screen and said "can't measure it but beautiful heartbeat and here's your little one".

And there he was! Our snowman! And we can now wait till the 21st when we see him again at the Nuchal in peace.

P.S. I'm not writing much because I'm incredibly tired, the only times I have any energy are spent hunting for jobs and going to interviews. And to be frank rather depressed as well. Very rather.

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Moozey said...

well your snowman is looking mighty fine and growing strong.

I hope the cramping and spotting resolves itself soon, I also wish you didn't have to do the interviewing lark right now and as depressing as it seems you will find it hard to find an employer who is willing to to take on a pregant lady but sending good vibes none the less