Monday, 17 May 2010

It's alive!!!

So it was "make time".

After a morning of discontent where things I wouldn't wish on enemies came flying towards me from my mother we drove in silence to the clinic.

As we rode in the elevator I told the Viking:"I'm so nauseated and peeved off that I'm not nervous" - and was shocked to hear him say "Oh no? Good! but I am." as he squeezed my hand. Poor soul, a combination between my other freak outs, his reading of a bloke's IVF journey book "Baby Steps" and just genuinely wanting to make sure there's a "blip blip" must have finally taken a toll on him-. Proof positive males have hearts! :)

We entered and at first the doctor attempted to dissuade me from having another scan with irrelevant arguments the likes of "you are having another one tomorrow morning" but soon enough she realized the only way I was going to move my bum out of her office if if she would allow me to strip and give me some dildo time.

So here's us, moments after she inserted said dildo:

Not sure if the sound is working, if not you'll be missing some interesting conversation where she kept calling our fetus "beautiful" and the heart beat "very very nice" which I am sure are medical terms, and my now relieved voice asking if the round, Mars like formation on the right is the yolk sac which it was.

After some gentle persuasion she agreed to measure it but was reluctant and by how long it took her to find the commands I'd say it doesn't quite constitute common practice, chances are it's the prescribing pills and ointments rather than measure CRL kind of establishments. 7.36 mm according to her but she was well shaky to find where from and where to so we'll wait till tomorrow to find out for sure and only freak out after that. If it is indeed only that, it's worryingly small... although according to this it's fine - -

Here's a screen capture since the Viking forgot he was instructed to take still pictures too, complete with Paint-creation-legend.

I'm a woman of my word so I will calm down and not be off my rocker enough to be stressed tomorrow again. In fact, tomorrow's hoha invasion will likely be the most relaxed of them all since this all started. Looking forward to it!

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Anonymous said...

wonderful wonderful wonderful news YAY for Lilo or Grub!