Monday, 10 May 2010

Goodbye napping?!?

6 weeks and 3 days

Morning sickness scare adverted now, in particular since this morning I felt utterly rotten. Not in a throw up fashion, more like a combination between deep depression, dizziness, nausea, lack of appetite (say what?!?) and lethargy. Really blah in an undefined manner. So bad that I am deeming that as clear sickness and since it started when I woke up I shall crown it M/S.

On the plus size, I have been so down because I can find no position of the caliber I need and my company seems to be going nowhere fast that I have had little time to worry about miscarrying. Maybe -knock on wood- I am starting to relax into the "no blood no worry" mantra although a few thoughts of "I have never once napped today!" have sneaked over everything else.

Speaking of napping, the only thing stranger than my toilette habits seems to be my sleeping pattern. Just when I thought I had gotten used to the fact that yes, at times I shan't be able to fight it and shall fall asleep while talking, sometimes even while eating and always while watching TV, a new one sprung upon me. Insomnia. Last night I couldn't sleep till 5! And then woke up at 9 all rested and I never napped all day. I shall deem my lack of napping today as diurnal insomnia :snigger: and note it as the strangeness of the day.

Tomorrow, at an hour that the Viking can not recall (give me a roll of the eyes please!) I have the first Midwife appointment which I suspect will be as useless as it will be boring. I do not need people with supposing knowledge, I typically and sadly know more than most medical professionals in this country, only tolerate some of them because they have toys that show babies inside bellies!

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Bunty said...

I LOVED that last comment about your tolerance of medical professionals. So true, and well put. Indeed, I shall be taking delivery of one of said 'toys' tomorrow to avoid said MP's... willl explain on blog very shortly!!

Big love to you, and glad you feel rotten. It will get worse ;) xx