Wednesday, 9 June 2010

LHB - a boy! I said so!

Last night at the clinic while I was nearly shivering with fear that LHB will be dead -as you do- I told the nurse

"Pain we can take, I just want to know that he's ok."
"..or she"
"Umm nope, it's a boy."
"Wow you're convinced!"
"Absolutely, just no doubt about it."
And she started laughing
"With my first I didn't even want a gender scan, that's how sure I was it was a little boy. In comes my birth date and when the midwife holds him up my first thought was "Oh dear lord I should have never had that fish finger it's handicapped, it's missing his willy!" and it wasn't till much later that I realized my little girl was just fine!"


Bunty said...

That's funny!

Hey, there is a way to tell this early on y'know? Every heard of the nub theory? I can send you links if you want. I guessed first by using that.. then I used the scan as she got bigger to check out her bits and confirm.

I didn't know you had a little girl! How lovely!!


Duena said...

I didn't honey this is my first, that was the nurse we met at the clinic last night