Thursday, 17 June 2010

Of Boobs, Bumps and Cramps

Yesterday I had a terrifyingly bad cramp. It felt like my entire down-bellow painfully contracted and stayed that way for a while and I couldn't relax it or even move at all, it hurt like a mofo! Is that a contraction and if so should I be way worried that I had one that soon or is it something other? Of course at the time I thought it meant impending miscarriage and I freaked out like mad but it was just as we were reaching the central station and a long long train trip ensued so there was nothing to be done right then. Nonetheless, of course getting out the Doppler was the first thing we've done when we reached the hotel at midnight determined to go to the AE if we heard nothing but after a few minutes of looking too low as per habit I moved it up nearly where my right ovary is and there it was. It's alive again!

Have I told you that I have a bump? I know most of it is from the flabber IVF inflicted on me but part of it is all baby so I am not hiding it. It sprung over the past week or so. Strange to wear but exciting. I've noticed something real funny while we traveled down to the work-slash-romantic-date-city yesterday. I wore a dress with a cleavage and it was astounding to witness the following succession of events.

1. Guy notices me.
2. Guy stares at my flumonguous boobs.
3. Guy sports "Oh Yum" leery smile
4. Guy's eyes travel South and meet my bump.
5. Guy sports "Oh Yuck" grimace.

Very entertaining!

Today he is teaching classes and I am loitering in cafes, seeing a movie, reading and window shopping, I'm not sure how well I'll cope with this being a lady of leisure business but I reckon it ought to be ok for one day. This evening we're going back to the hotel to change then we have dinner out together and that's when I plan to intoxicate and seduce him. If I remember how.

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