Friday, 11 June 2010

Bad Apples! But 11 weeks!

Well last night before bed I whipped up the machinery, applied oodles of gel and asked the Viking to "let me place it, I have a feeling on th
e location" and then handed it to him to hold and move about as necessary. Only moving about wasn't necessary, turning up the volume was and there it was. I could see his eyes widening even in the dark. "Ohhhhh it's alive!". We'll never get tired of discovering he's alive, must stop when he kinda gets the reference

He held the Doppler under strict instructions not to move it and I grabbed the iPhone and made a wonderful, clear as day recording which we then spent the next hour replaying to count and recount beats. 150 on average. We were truly stoked and as soon as I woke up I reached for my laptop to download it and show it to you, dear readers as well as stick it in an email and send it to the future paternal grandparents who are now starting to work out that this is really happening and, bless their hearts, asking for new pictures all the time. It's the pivotal moment when I realized Apple is dreadful, evil and trying to kill me! It's gone. It erased it but never downloaded it. I was close to breaking something, likely, the offending iPhone with a close second being the offending iTunes except it would go with the non-offending computer.

We'll try again tonight.

At least tonight we don't have to spend another 2 hours reading about placenta formation, wondering when LHB starts swallowing, disagreeing on what a large plum looks like and having moments like this:

Viking: " the umbilical chord which will grow to reach 55-60 cm"
Me: "WHAT?!?"
"What what?"
"60 centimeters, are you serious?!?"
"Yeah, why?"
"What do you mean "why" that's huge!"
"No it's not"
"It is! I can't fit 60 cm worth of a thing in my belly!!!"
"Yes you can, your intestines are meters long"
"That's different, those are already tucked in somehow!"

Happy 11 weeks to us!

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