Sunday, 20 June 2010

Woe and woe and woe

2weeks and 2 days, and tomorrow big Scan day, surreal! Happy Peach day to us and I love telling people "I entered the 4th month" heh.

Speaking of ... Maybe l should rename this diary "The Fat and the Toothless" because to my combined astonishment, disgust and desperation, one of my nearly front teeth left me yesterday! They were already bad but this was one of the relatively healthy ones and it never bothered me till evidently LHB needed to build something he had to store on calcium for. I don't know what to do, l'm taking my vits -btw what's the deal with A being bad during pregnancy?!? they sell no special prenatal ones here!- and eating diary daily, how much can he need?

Pretty miserable about it as l can't imagine how l can interview like this and we can't afford the astronomical cost to fix it or not unless we jeopardize our move to Australia!

To add to it, I'm crushed about the no job situation AND we'll have to leave to get my passport sorted in Romania next month in lieu of September or October as my brother and sister-in-law won't be able to dog and mum -sit after that which puts more financial and emotional stress on it all AND we had serious alcohol induced "oh but what about the baby" dramatic issues on Thursday so no take off was accomplished rendering my wining and dinning of the Viking utterly useless.

So yeah, woe IS definitely me!

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anneli said...

I'm thinking of you D!! Hang in there. Things will turn soon. LOTS Of LOVE AND HUGS from the Nicholsons!