Monday, 18 August 2008

Disjoineted Bits

Mamma Mia was exceptional. No, really. Whatever, don't believe me if you don't wanna but you're missing out.

I've passed the One Week Born Again Non-Smoker mark. Whodathunk? More so as we had a barbecue in the weekend complete with smoking friends and beer!

It's now 2 days till our appointment and 6 days of young-ness. Sad. On both counts.

For the happier part... Aren't we the eternal hope-fools?!? Rhetoric. With all the Hollywood stories about miracle babies we thought Clive should be given fair chance to escape if he can and we surprised our bedroom walls which, these days, hear nothing but infertility talk and see but non-baby-making-sex. Why have we bothered you ask? Well, and this is what had us rather smug yesterday, *drum rolls* I Ovulated! The OPK was so dark it brought tears to my eyes.

Why is this special you ask? Well, this is our very first month after the failed ICSI/chemical/whateveritwas and we were very worried about time constraints on the second go but fully expecting my body to take its sweet time to recover from the ordeal - e.g. not O for a while and consequently not get AF-. If I could, I'd kiss my ovaries right about now! Not only have I Oed but yesterday was bang on CD 14 as usual.


Penny said...

woo hoo! I always give myself a little pat on the back for ovulating. It seems like such a feat, really.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I've NEVER ovulated...oh, wait...


Alexandra said...

Back patting congrats to go round! xbox4nappyrash - last night I dreamt you guys got a BFP! I'm definitely losing it!