Friday, 15 August 2008

The Bankrupt and the Insane

Welcome to the 2008 Olympics of Infertility Sanity where we compete only against ourselves and are still losing.

6 days of no smoking - Do. Not. Make.Me.Kill.You!
5 days to the first second ICSI appointment
9 days of being reasonably young.

If anyone would have told me a couple of years ago that I'll spend the last days of my twenties thinking of little else but how to get an ultra expensive credit-card-baby I would have called them ... well, called them names.

I almost feel sorry for all the finance bureaucrats that dealt with the two of us over the past year. If all these bank managers had any clue they are signing and stamping on our ability to have cold, un/pleasant medical instruments shoved up my lady garden for a success probability (of producing more expense) of all of 30%, do you think they would have enough time to dial 911 before it would be too late for their poor heart?

This depth of knowledge achieved through mere contemplation and extraordinary insight I ought to keep away from even the Viking in a bid to protect his sanity.

I wish some producers would have the sense to replace "The Bold and the Beautiful" or "The Rich and the 3-Balled"with infertility related hits such as "The Broken and the Desperate" and "The Bankrupt and the Insane".

Right, off to convince the love of my life that seeing Mamma Mia tonight is NOT an unnecessary expense and we will NOT end up in poorman's jail because of it!

Have a lovely fertile Friday - if you can.

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